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These beautiful pornstars love female domination, CFNM ballbusting, femdom cumshots, small penis humiliation, and castration!

These hot porn stars are experts at busting balls, humiliating men, and female domination!
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These hot porn stars are experts at busting balls, humiliating men, and female domination!
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CFNM and Naked Ballbusting Blowjobs, Brutal Handjobs, and Brutal Femdom Cumshots!

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Cockbiting and Interracial CFNM  Ballbusting with Misty Stone


1/31/2009 - January Bonus Movie - Misty Stone Goes on an Interracial Cockbiting and Ballbiting Rampage!

Misty Stone Bites Off a Pervert's Testicles

Interracial Femdom Cockbiting by Misty Stone

Misty Stone was attacked by an intruder while she was sitting on her couch and watching television! She rendered him helpless by attacking his naked balls, and she proceeded to torture his genitals with extreme kicking and biting!

The attacker messed with the wrong African-American ballbuster! She began stomping on squashing his nuts with her strap-up red high heels. She also humiliated him while standing on his nuts with her sexy shoes!

She tormented his balls by squeezing, kneeing, punching, and kicking them repeatedly, and she also called him a pervert, a loser! She humiliated him by making fun of his tiny cock and balls, and she even began biting his penis!

He screamed in pain like no man ever should when she began munching and biting his testicles! She promised to let him cum one last time before biting off his balls, and she sucked his cock until cum began erupting out of it! However, during the massive cumshot, she viciously began punching his balls while he was cumming!

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This hardcore femdom movie was one of Misty Stone's finest works of art, and this video contains these female domination elements:

  • Clothed-Female and Naked Male Ballbusting
    (7 minutes)
  • Ball Squashing, Punching, Kneeing and Kicking Balls with Red Strap Up High Heels
    (8 minutes)
  • Upskirt Ballbusting and Ballsqueezing
    (6 minutes)
  • Interracial Cockbiting Female Domination and Ballbiting CBT !!!
    7 minutes)
  • Femdom Blowjob with an EXTREME Ruined Cumshot and a Painful Ballbusting Orgasm
    (7 minutes)
  • Merciless Ballbiting Castration with Small Penis Humiliation
    (6 minutes)

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Daisy Tanks Japanese Ballbusting and Femdom Handjob

1/30/2009 - January Bonus Movie - Daisy Tanks Asian Foot and Boot Domination with Ball Squeezing Revenge!

Japanese Ballbusting with Daisy Tanks

Revenge by Stomping and Squeezing a Man's Balls!

Daisy Tanks ties up a man who hit her car, and she exacts her revenge by stomping on his balls and flogging him with her flogger. While he sits helpless in a chair, she spits in his face as well as into his mouth to humiliate and degrade him!

She also tortures his cock and balls by kicking them repeatedly with her black leather boots until they are numb and useless! She tries to make him impotent by squeezing his balls until the no longer receive any blood circulation!

To add insult to injury, she steps on his face and balls with her bare feet! While he is busy sucking and licking her toes, she laughs and giggles like an evil bitch! This japanese ballbuster does not show any mercy, but at least she has the kindness to let him have one last orgasmbefore cutting off his balls with a black katana sword!

After she jerks his cock and makes him cum all over her perky japanese tits, she proceeds to castrate him like a pig!

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Nowhere in this fucking world will you find porn scenes that are as insane, bizarre, and brutal as ours! We update daily, and this particular video involves the following fetish items:

  • Clothed-Female and Naked Male Ballbusting
    (7 minutes)
  • Ball Stomping, Flogging and Upskirt Ballkicking with Black Leather Boots
    (8 minutes)
  • Female Domination with Foot Fetish Toe Sucking and Foot Smothering
    (6 minutes)
  • Squeezing his Balls to Eliminate Circulation or Bloodflow
    (6 minutes)
  • Femdom Handjob with a Slow Motion Cumshot on Perky Japanese Tits
    (7 minutes)
  • Merciless Castration with Small Penis Humiliation
    (6 minutes)

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Foot Fetish Ballbusting and Trampling with Cece Stone

1/28/2009 - Cece Stone Practices Hardcore Femdom Foot Domination with her German Boyfriend

Cece Stone Femdom Ballbusting and  Foot Domination

Cece is an Asian Ballbuster who Loves Extreme Foot Domination!

Cece Stone acquires a taste for making men's balls suffer after trying it out on her boyfriend's balls. Her German boyfriend loves sucking her feet and enduring pain. He tests his own strength by trying to stand while she kicks him in the balls!

After several hard kicks to the nuts, he finally falls to the ground! She tramples and steps on his body and his naked nuts. She also tries squeezing and kneeing his balls for fun!

He endures as much as possible until he can no longer take the pain. This sexy Asian ballbuster shows off her juicy ass while stomping on his nuts and sitting on his face!

She enjoyed crushing his balls so much that she finally decides to keep them as her own trophies in a jar. However, she lets him cum one last time by squeezing the hot jizz out of his balls while stroking his cock! She grips his nuts tight and makes him shoot one last huge load before she mercilessly slices his nuts off for good!

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Our website is the home of the world's most insane collection of brutal forced male cumshots! This video contains these cruel femdom acts:

  • CFNM Ballbusting
    (8 minutes)
  • Foot Domination and Trampling
    (10 minutes)
  • Facesitting and Foot Smothering
    (8 minutes)
  • POV Cock and Ball Torture by a Hot Asian Pornstar
    (8 minutes)
  • Extreme Kicking, Squeezing, and Kneeing Unprotected Balls
    (7 minutes)
  • Brutal Ballsqueezing Handjob
    (6 minutes)
  • Slow Motion Cumshot and a Femdom Castration

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Bratty Redhead Ballbusting Bitch

1/21/2009 - Danielle Deviance Performs a Cockbiting Blowjob on her Sleazy Blind Date

Danielle Deviance Goes on a Cock Biting Rampage!

This Ball Busting Redhead Loves to Bite Cocks!

Danielle and her blind date return home after having a lobster dinner, and he immediately expects a blowjob! Tired and turned off by the situation, Danielle refuses, and her sleazy date takes off his pants and sticks his exposed genitals in her face!

She teaches him a lesson in etiquette by turning his testicles into human punching bags, and she gives him a taste of true pain by kicking his naked nuts while flashing him with her pink thong panties!

This extreme mini-skirt ball busting adventure continues as she commands him to masturbate in front of her while she insults his tiny penis by humiliating him with degrading comments! He tries to jack off and have an orgasm while staring at her sexy little body, but she denies him of pleasure by stomping on this nuts with her bare feet!

After crushing his balls with her fists and her feet, she plays with her pussy while beating him senselessly. This sadistic redhead loves to watch men in pain while she pleasures herself vehemently! After she fingers herself and has an orgasm, she gobbles up his cock and tries to bite off the head of his dick while sucking and stroking it violently! Will he have a peaceful orgasm, or will it result in a brutal femdom castration?!?!

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This website contains the world's largest collection of violent and painful femdom cumshots, and this video series with Danielle Deviance involves the following fetish elements:

  • Flashing his Cock in her Face and Getting Punched in the Balls!
    (7 minutes)
  • Extreme CFNM Femdom Ballbusting in Boots
    (10 minutes)
  • Kicking him in the Nuts while Flashing her Pink Thong in a Minskirt!
    (8 minutes)
  • POV Femdom Cock and Ball Abuse and Testicle-Crushing with Bare Feet
    (8 minutes)
  • Small Penis Humiliation and Commanding him to Masturbate
    (7 minutes)
  • Female-Dominated Cockbiting Blowjob with a Slow Motion Spurting Facial Cumshot
    (9 minutes)
  • Femdom Castration, Sadistic Female Masturbation, and Much More!

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Check out Danielle's sample video clip of testicle abuse and ball kicking!

Lidia Love Tease and Denial Ballbusting

1/15/2009 - Lidia Love Busts her Slave's Balls and Jerks Him Off on her Feet

Lidia Love Teen Ball Buster

The Ballbusting Bitch and a Loserly Slave

This ball busting story stars Lidia Love and her pathetic slave who is chained and ballbusted! This sexy Latina loves to have losers bound and ball busted in her office!

Lidia tells him how disgusting and perverted he is for showing his cock and balls to her, and she kicks and knees them after making his cock hard by stroking and teasing him!

Then, she squeezes his balls until he pleads for mercy. She tells him, "I'm gonna rip your balls off! You don't deserve them!" The fear of losing his balls gives him a thrill like nothing else, and his cock gets hard every time she kicks and knees his balls!

Finally, she decides to give him his final orgasm before she cuts off his nuts with a huge pair of garden cutters. She squeezes his balls really hard while jerking his erect cock, and she literally squeezes the cum out of his balls until it spews all over her bare feet. She makes him lick the cum off her feet, and she proceeds to turn him into her personal eunuch!

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Our vast collection of hardcore ballbusting video clips contains many fetish themes. This video series involves:

  • Extreme Ballbusting with tons of Knees, Kicks, and Punches!
  • CFNM Female Domination with Hard Front Kicks and Knees
    (8 minutes)
  • Ballsqueezing, Ripping Apart Balls, and Upskirt-Angle Ball Busting
    (8 minutes)
  • POV Cock-and-Ball Torture with Testicle Stomping and Small Penis Humiliation
    (8 minutes)
  • Tease and Denial Cock-stroking, and Denying Orgasms by Kneeing and Punching his Balls! (6 minutes)
  • Brutal and Rough Handjob while Squeezing the Cum Out of His Balls (7 minutes)
  • Making a Loserly Slave Eat his Own Cum off her Feet and Castrating him with Garden Tools!

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